City of Isleton Crawdad Festival


The Isleton Crawdad Festival has a captivating history that unfolds through the decades, harking back to its inception in the 1980s. Originally conceived to invigorate the local economy and showcase the vibrant Cajun culture, this festival emerged as a cultural gem in the heart of Isleton, California. This charming historical town, nestled along the Sacramento River Delta, shares a spirited kinship with its sister city, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, famously known as the Crawfish Capital of the World—the very place where the world-renowned crawfish etouffee was born. These two river towns are bound not only by their shared love for the crawdads but also by their shared passion for the art of celebration.

As time passed, the Isleton Crawdad Festival transcended its origins, evolving into an eagerly anticipated event that symbolizes more than just a culinary celebration. It serves as a homage to the diverse cultural mosaic of the region, weaving together influences from the Delta region, Cajun influence, Asian traditions, and the resilient local farming community.

During its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, the Isleton Crawdad Festival reached its pinnacle, drawing visitors from across California to partake in the much-anticipated festivities. To this day, fond memories of the good ol crawdad festival days linger in the hearts of many. However, at the festival’s peak, things began to unravel and a series of challenges led to the festival’s closure. Subsequent attempts to rekindle its magic proved to be challenging leading to a multi year hiatus. 

In 2019 a group of Isleton business owners, including some of the business owners awarded the event license in 2024, brought back the Crawdad Festival, with the Isleton Summer Festival. Same concept: crawdads, beer, father’s day weekend, car show & family fun. The festival was a success! The group planned to continue in subsequent years but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the group to temporarily suspend plans for expansion. Then in 2023 a group from southern california was awarded the event license and held the festival. 

Now, the event license granted by the City of Isleton, is back in the hands of Isleton residents and business owners. The event license went out for an RFP, we worked hard to put together a thoughtful proposal and we were granted the license by The City Of Isleton. Our resolute mission is to rekindle the nostalgia that once firmly placed Isleton on the festival map during the 1980s. Our plans for rejuvenation promise to astound and captivate all who attend.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we revive the Isleton Crawdad Festival!